Prüfungsvorbereitung study materials C_TFIN22_67 Testfragen

Prüfungsvorbereitung study materials C_TFIN22_67 Testfragen SAP Certified Application Associate – Management Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7

What is the purpose of a report group in Report Painter reporting? Please choose the correct answer

A.It adds a report as a subfolder to the standard information system.
B.It serves as a template for the creation of new Report Painter reports
C.It improves performance when switching reports via the report-report interface
D.It defines characteristics that can be used by reports contained in a group

Answer: C

What language is selected for print correspondence to business partners (such as dunning notice, individual letters, balance confirmations, and payment notices?

A.The language of the country maintained in the vendor or customer master data
B.The language assigned to the accounting clerk maintained in the vendor or customer master data
C.The language maintained in the vendor or customer master data
D.The user’s log-on language

Answer: C

A customer wants to settle an internal order to cost centers, but receives an error message.
What do you check?
Please choose the correct answer.

A.The system and the user status.
B.The sender and receiver to be assigned to the same profit center.
C.The PA transfer structure of the order.
D.The costing sheet.

Answer: A

You want to enter items in a reference and simulation cost estimate manually. Which item categories can you use?
There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A.I – Sales order item
B.M – Material
C.E – Internal activity
D.K – Cost center
E.B – Base planning object

Answer: BCE

C_TFIN22_67 Prüfungsfragen, C_TFIN22_67 Examensfragen SAP Certified Application Associate – Management Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 (ICND2 v3.0)

Which of the following statement is true in reference to Financial & Management Accounting? Please choose the correct answer.

A.Financial accounting is for internal management whereas Management accounting is for external management like stockholders, financial institutions, government& tax authorities.
B.Management accounting is made on the line of standard & legal requirement whereas financial accounting is made as per the internal requirement of the organization.
C.Financial accounting is standard as per legal requirement whereas management accounting is flexible& as per the requirement of the management.
D.Financial accounting reflects the revenue, cost involved in different area whereas management accounting reflects the profitability of the business.

Answer: C

Which of the following transactions can generate commitments on CO objects automatically? (Choose two)

A.Purchasing quotation
B.Purchase order
C.Purchase requisition
D.Purchasing contract

Answer: BC

A customer wants you to explain the results of the preliminary costing of a production order. How are the results determined?

A.The actual quantities are valuated with plan values.
B.The costs are determined by the cost estimate of the reference order.
C.The standard cost estimate is copied from the material master and adjusted by the order quantity.
D.The quantity structure in the production order is valuated by the costing variant settings.

Answer: D

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